A simple way to include one or more Google Maps inside your site
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Output Example

This is an example for a marker in Times Square - New York
40.758891, -73.985142

Code (used on previous example)


Map Infobox CSS

Use the following css classes to customize map infobox


elementId: this is the univocal id of the map wrapper [STRING]
mapLat: marker point latitude [NUMBER]
mapLong: marker point longitude [NUMBER]
mapZoom: map zoom level [NUMBER]
infoBoxTitle: marker infobox title [STRING]
infoBoxDescription: marker infobox description [STRING]
markerTitle: marker title [STRING]
markerIcon: marker custom image path [STRING]

Multi Maps Demo

As you can see below, with this tool it's possible to load many custom maps on the same page.
With a little CSS trick you can also set a different fixed responsive ratio for each map, witout using any fixed height size.

Colosseo - Rome

41.890015, 12.492026

Times Square - NewYork

40.758891, -73.985142

Trafalgar Square - London

51.508029, -0.128058

Tour Eiffel - Paris

48.858283, 2.294231

See javascript code on GitHub Gist